jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

spring is nearly here!!!

Do you have your spring wardrobe ready?
Tips as seen on the runway

-Color, color, color! Yes, green, purple, pink, all of this in their brightest version of course!
If you dare, mix them, purple and green are my fav combination. If you accesorise them with a gold belt, and massive jewelry ur definetly going to b the center of attention!
-Bananas, yes, bananas, and pineapples, and every fruit you can imagine. Designers have gone tropical and designed dress, shirts and every kind of accessories with all kind of fruits. Check out prada!.
-Big massive stripes of all colours, blue, green, .. in dresses, tops, everything! Be careful where you were them, top half for those lacking of boobies, and top bottom for those skinny with no much bootie.
- White lace as seen in D&G. Feel like a virgin. White pure lace dresses are the perfect attire for a summer night!. Mix it up with big flowers in your hair and gold bangles for an ibicenco(from Ibiza) look.
- Patterns, big and bold! in maxi dresses, mix them with others...
- Flares!70´s are back! Yes...again! Floppy hats is a must have!, flares and wedges, or hot pants and boho shirts,...
Ready to show some skin at least?!

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