lunes, 13 de diciembre de 2010

Amy winehouse for fred perry

We have a saying in Spain, "zapatero a tus zapatos", the translation would be something like shoe maker, make your shoes, meaning go and do your own thing!.
Celebrities are not bother about this, they thing they can do anything, lots of them start doing what they are good at, followed by another silly atempts of acting, music, or design.... This is the case of Amy winehouse, amazing musician, project of fashion designer for Fred Perry. We can say she introduce to the world the Amy style, big hair, feline eyeliner, broke t-shirts, and leggings... Even the Kaiser of fashion Karl Lagerfeld focus one of the chanel house collection in her, but as we know he has kind of an obsesion with the british messy style of some celebrities, aka Lilly Allen.
Anyway, the Amy Winehouse collection is not to "shoot rockets" (another spanish saying) but its not bad at all, lots of black and pink, polo shirts, pencil skirts,.. quite tidy for my view of Amy, but maybe the girl is changing after all...

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