lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

500 days of summer

love love love this movie, not just because is the best anti romcom I have ever seen or because Joseph Gordon Levitt is so yummy. I also love the fact that it pays so much attention to the detail. If you notice, Summer (Zoey Deschannel) always wears something blue, a little bow in her hair, a top, a dress, ... The rest of the characters wear quite simple and plain clothes, except for her.
For a wardrobe stylist you have to understand the character and create outfits that portray his personality. Summer is a sweet and charming girl, and with the detail of blue matching her eyes, the viewer gets connected to the charm of the character, and understands why Tom is so obsessed with Summer. At least that is what happened to me!.
If you haven´t seen the movie yet, what are u waiting for?!

viernes, 25 de marzo de 2011

Boho chic is back everybody!!!

Yaaay!! Maybe we got a bit sick of the soo recalled boho-chic. Celebrities all over the planet portrayed this style, Nicole Richie with her maxi dresses and bandanas, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss, rocking the boho with leather boots and fringes... The truth is that fashion goes around and comes around, so for this Spring/Summer, 70´s is the rule!.
I love this trend, but its a tricky one, the key is to look like you haven't been bother at all.
Think of Zoey Deschannel, the new boho-vintage queen, or Juliette Lewis for some old school boho-rock chick.
Get a liberty print shirt, but buttoned up to give a more interesting look, denim hot pants, and wedges and you have one of the spring outfits sorted! Now is your turn to think about how to make the boho trend your own!.

jueves, 24 de marzo de 2011

beauty and the beast

So my friend Mel has decided that for her last project at uni she is going to do a book of pictures inspired in Disney princesses. Im helping her with the styling. Yesterday we did the first shoot, Beauty and the beast, with Luisa as the beauty and my friend Tobi as the beast, a very hot beast, but oh well, all my friends are cute so very hard to find a real beast!.
Here are some pictures. Hope you like them!!!
Tonight we are doing little mermaid, cant wait!!!
Photographers: Melanie Pineta, Grant Poole-adams
Models: Luisa Kalhfeldt, Tobi Walker
Make up artist: Serena Lombardo
Fashion stylist: Noelia Santana (me)
Hair: Serena Lombardo, Noelia Santana

jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

spring is nearly here!!!

Do you have your spring wardrobe ready?
Tips as seen on the runway

-Color, color, color! Yes, green, purple, pink, all of this in their brightest version of course!
If you dare, mix them, purple and green are my fav combination. If you accesorise them with a gold belt, and massive jewelry ur definetly going to b the center of attention!
-Bananas, yes, bananas, and pineapples, and every fruit you can imagine. Designers have gone tropical and designed dress, shirts and every kind of accessories with all kind of fruits. Check out prada!.
-Big massive stripes of all colours, blue, green, .. in dresses, tops, everything! Be careful where you were them, top half for those lacking of boobies, and top bottom for those skinny with no much bootie.
- White lace as seen in D&G. Feel like a virgin. White pure lace dresses are the perfect attire for a summer night!. Mix it up with big flowers in your hair and gold bangles for an ibicenco(from Ibiza) look.
- Patterns, big and bold! in maxi dresses, mix them with others...
- Flares!70´s are back! Yes...again! Floppy hats is a must have!, flares and wedges, or hot pants and boho shirts,...
Ready to show some skin at least?!