lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011

500 days of summer

love love love this movie, not just because is the best anti romcom I have ever seen or because Joseph Gordon Levitt is so yummy. I also love the fact that it pays so much attention to the detail. If you notice, Summer (Zoey Deschannel) always wears something blue, a little bow in her hair, a top, a dress, ... The rest of the characters wear quite simple and plain clothes, except for her.
For a wardrobe stylist you have to understand the character and create outfits that portray his personality. Summer is a sweet and charming girl, and with the detail of blue matching her eyes, the viewer gets connected to the charm of the character, and understands why Tom is so obsessed with Summer. At least that is what happened to me!.
If you haven´t seen the movie yet, what are u waiting for?!

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