martes, 14 de septiembre de 2010

summer summary part 1

This has been so far my best summer ever. Going thought Europe and Usa with little time for Internet in some points and barely signal in the phone... Visiting new places and cultures, meeting new people and having the time of my life!
In this trips, I have been able to see different styles of people and ways of dressing.
My first stop was in Galicia (north of Spain), the look of people there is a mix between hippie and rock school. I love the food, the landscape and the people. I lived in summer dresses and bikinis as it was hot and I felt so relax I didn´t even want to make an effort.
In our way to Italy, we stopped in the blue coast, in Cannes where the smell of sea is mix the scene of chanel Nº5 and louis vuitton leather. I enjoyed having a swim in a warm sea, with the picture of sharks coming to eat me at all time tho!.
Monaco is most of the same, old school classic style, louis vuitton best friends of all these lucky enough of living in this little principality.
And late very late we made it to Tuscany! I felt in love since the very beginning, don´t know if is the sun flowers fields, the different colours in the mountains or the beautiful streets and houses...but I totally felt in love with the Tuscany vibe. We visit Arezzo, where one of the best hairdresser in the world style my hair. We went around the beautiful city where The life is beautiful took place and enjoyed coffee and italian pastries.
I bought the italian vogue to gaze at all the luxury trends that these italians love so much.

Back to London to change my suitcase and relax for 2 days before heading to America!!!

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