martes, 27 de julio de 2010

Breton top and hot pants: past and present.

Who doesn’t got a Breton top and called themselves


This trend it´s something that would never be out of fashion. Since Coco Chanel in the 20´s took the stripes out of the nautical contest, every woman has follow the lead.

Alexa Chung is another trendsetter as Coco was, she wears the Breton top with big necklaces with a touch of untidiness, messy hair and skinny deep blue jeans. She reminds me to Coco Chanel, the “I can be bother of doing my hair today” look. The boyish look that the women from the 20´s look for. Being skinny and comfortable in their own skin is what it really matters. No need of uncomfortable and ridiculous amount of makeup and complicated hair. They left the Belle époque behind and step forward to a new era of freedom and self consciousness of who they were and who they wanted to be. What a perfect way of starting this new point of view than changing the way they dress!.

This philosophy is mostly the philosophy of every woman today, that is why I think the most important changes in fashion were due to the war, the necessity of the woman to become useful. There is such a big change from the 19th century to the 20th , from that era the mentality and the way of viewing the women changed for good. So I want to think that Chanel is the big heroin in fashion and having a Breton top in every women wardrobe is a way of reminding how grateful we are for this big change in fashion history..

Hot pants! From the summer of love in 1967, the hot pants have been the substituted of the mini skirt, paired with cropped t shirts and knee high boots. Who hasn’t cut a paired of levis to show some skin?

New trends keeps coming in the 70´s to make women start creating a new fashion, no old granny clothes, no expensive vintage stores, the creativity was a must, and new materials, new cuts and new patterns make the women look sexier.

“Free your mind and your clothes will follow”. The world was going fast and fashion was changing so quickly that the high street clothes gain a lot more of importance. The designers recognized this importance of change and the ready-to-wear became a must in every runway.

Also the music was a very important influence for fashion, people wanted to look like their favorite artists. Singers as Jimmy Hendrix or Sex Pistols made a huge impact in fashion.

I have never seen anyone looks so good in hot pants as Cloe Sevingny. For this spring-summer as in the 70´s hot pants is a must, better a pair of “homemade cut” levis. The trend keep the same, high waisted , very very short and mostly denim.

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