martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

5 must have of the season

1. Aviator jacket, last winter was balmain, this season burberry prorsum has made the statement jacket that every fashionista need to have in their wardrobe. Black leather, fur, and heavy. Look for topshop or h&m for a high street version of it.
2. Hiker boots, This season is all about toughness and being warm and cosy, so get yourself some hiker boots, my favourite ones are this wedges from asos, the best thing for the rainy london.
3. fifties curves diva, think of Scarlett Johansson in the red carpet. Find your waist, show your breast but not your legs. Your best friends would be the pencil skirt and the push up bra.
4. Man trousers, in any possible way, boot cut, wide leg, chinos, etc.
5. The Red dress, change the LBD for a red one, suitable for blondes, brunettes, black, mix raced, chinese, etc, it looks absolutely stunning in everyone, you just need to find your red.

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